Taking the Plunge

Hey!  Welcome to my insanely amazing world.  I have wanted to do something like this but always thought it would be too much in my already insane life but after reading another blog I decided that maybe this is something I can do. My husband always tells me I talk too much as it is! Maybe this way I can talk and not just pour it all out to him or an other poor, unsuspecting souls!

A bit about me. I’m a worthless sinner made worthy by the grace of God and his Son dying on a cross for me (and for you).  I am a beloved daughter of my Father and a sister of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.  I once heard someone say that “I am worthless without Christ” and was SO angry with that statement, let me tell you I’ve come to realize how true that statement is.  It’s not an easy statement for me to say or digest but that is why Christ came, to make us worthy.

I am also married to Rob (can NOT believe we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary this month), a mom to two amazing sons: Levi and Ronnie, a full-time employee, an independent consultant for a company called Thirty-One, a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a friend, a cook, a chauffeur, um, well, you get the idea.  My life is crazy!!!

I’m not sure what this blog is going to end up being but I can only pray that it is something that God can use.  Maybe this will be a place for me to take all the randomness that floats through my head and God can use it in someone’s life or maybe this will simply be a place for me to get the randomness out!

A quick word about the title…I wanted to use something with butterfly in it but, well, all of those names were already taken and then I tried something like chrysalis but alas that was also taken. Then I started to read about butterflies and the fact that a fully grown caterpillar makes a button of silk to attach itself to a leaf or other structure so that it will transform. What a beautiful image!!  Not all that long ago Christ created a “button of silk” to me and in every sense created a lifeline between me and God. I went through a period of transformation (not sure this period really ever ends until heaven) but I do think I’ve emerged a beautiful new creation learning to fly on the wings of my Savior.

In Him,



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