Quick Follow up

I want to start out by saying that last night I knew that the problem was likely due to something not connecting right between the doctors office and the insurance company, but that doesn’t stop one from freaking out when she sees a bill for the amount that I saw last night. And yes, I realize that an explanation of benefits is just that, an explanation. But when then insurance company includes a VERY large check it throws it all into a jumble. What I struggled with the most was not being able to fix it RIGHT then because the doctor’s office was closed. I could have chosen to have another anxiety attack, which I wasn’t far from having, or do what I did and chose to leave this at the foot of the Cross and let God carry the burden.  I slept amazing well last night, first really good nights sleep I’ve had in awhile because I was able to turn it ALL over to Him.

That being said I was calling the doctor’s office as soon as I could this morning to discover that YES the explanation was wrong and she would start working on the issue as soon as she could to get it straightened out and that NO I should not expect to receive any bill from their office, they just needed to uncross whatever got crossed.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!

I chose last night to not share this with anyone besides Rob. I didn’t call anyone or text anyone or Facebook about it because I knew by doing that I was going to start fueling the panic I had already building up inside of me and in the end that just wasn’t where I wanted to go.  I did post here but felt it was late enough most weren’t going to read it till later and I felt safe letting it out here.

Thanks to anyone who reads this! Please feel free to comment!!!



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