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Is Fiction or Truth Ruling Your Life?

Expectations. Perceptions. Preconceived notions.             As I’ve been on the path to becoming the woman God has created me to be, the Holy Spirit has challenged me to seek out the truth instead of that which is based on my expectations, perceptions, or preconceived notions that I have in my … Continue reading

A rose and a skunk

At a funeral I recently went to the Pastor gave a quick analogy of what pressure does to a person. He said that if you were to take a rose and apply pressure to it….it would have the beautiful smell of a rose. On the other hand…if you were to take a skunk and apply … Continue reading


I have no idea how to start this post. I just need/want to share what God has taught me, what is on my heart. I write this with great trepidation because it seems prideful of me to share and yet….how can I hide what God is doing in my life? I feel my life is … Continue reading


These last few weeks have been hard. It started when an acquaintance passed away at the age of 35, leaving behind a wife and 2 small children. James left behind an amazing legacy. He loved God with all of his being and even though his body was ravaged with cancer, he and his wife, Jolene, … Continue reading



I was recently talking with a very dear friend, Sue, about life and well, basically I was complaining, a LOT, saying a lot of things like “I can’t do this” and “I can’t do that.” She looked at me and said that Christian’s can NOT say the words “I can’t”. After my face registered what … Continue reading

Swimming against the tide.

I have been accused of being WAY too positive on more than one occasion.  I work very hard to find the silver lining in every dark cloud, the positive in every situation, the good in the ugly and bad.  Lately though I’ve been finding myself struggling with life feeling as if I am attempting to … Continue reading

Quick Follow up

I want to start out by saying that last night I knew that the problem was likely due to something not connecting right between the doctors office and the insurance company, but that doesn’t stop one from freaking out when she sees a bill for the amount that I saw last night. And yes, I … Continue reading



Trust. I’m sitting here trying hard not to freak out. You see…I have this “thing” in my arm and after 2 surgeries, an MRI, a CT scan, an ultrasound guided biopsy, 15 attempts to put an IV in my arm, and 2 other procedures that seemed to take care of this “thing” I received an … Continue reading

Taking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge

Hey!  Welcome to my insanely amazing world.  I have wanted to do something like this but always thought it would be too much in my already insane life but after reading another blog I decided that maybe this is something I can do. My husband always tells me I talk too much as it is! … Continue reading